Medical Devices

Ecobase GmbH Pharma Division distributes a modified zeolite cristal called PMA-zeolite® for pharmaceutical use. We export PMA-zeolite raw material to USA and Asia. In EU we provide zeolite based Medical Devices. Ecobase GmbH and Panaceo GmbH pharmaceutical experts are focused since 1999 on investigating the 'health impact' of the 'daily intoxication' and related (chronic) inflammatory diseases. The incontrollable percentage of synergic daily toxic substances and inappropriate nutritional habits creates a background  of growing inflammation.  The mission of the Ecobase is to provide help in order to reduce the daily toxicity damage on intestinal wall,  mainly due to Toxins (including pesticides), Free Radicals, Ammonium  and Heavy Metals.

Prof. Kresimir Pavelic

Scientific Committee

-Prof. Dr.,Krešimir Pavelić,University of Rijeka, HR

-Univ.Prof.Dr.,Maurizio Memo,University of Brescia, IT

-Dr. med., Karl Hecht, Humboldt Berlin University, DE

-Ph.D. Khushwant Bhullar, Pharmacology, Dalhousie University, CA

-Prof. Mauro Riccò, Materials Physics, University of Parma, IT

-Univ. Prof. Dr. Norbert Bachl, niversität Wien, AT Triebnig, llgemeinmedizinerin, in Villach, AT

-Dr. med.univ.,Thomas Scheiring, Sport & Allgemein, Medizin Telfs, AT

-Priv.Doz. Mag. DDr., Manfred Lamprecht, Green Beat Institut für Nährstoff-Forschung und Sporternährung, AT

-Dr. med., Harald Stossier, Medizinisches Zentrum von VIVA Mayr, AT