Medical Devices

This yields better ion exchange effect and more effective molecular filtering with activated natural zeolite in comparison to a “raw” natural zeolite. Attracted by the negative charge, the positively charged toxins are bound even more strongly. 

The greater surface area of the activated particles makes the molecular          sieve more efficient as with the same quantity of ingested zeolite, much          greater effect can be realised. 



PMA- zeolite is produced through double activations treatments with PMA technology.

It is a dehydrated, micronized and activated zeolite to be used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical field characterized in that it has particle size dimensions in the range 1-60 μm and negative ζ potential, preferably in the range from -24 to -30 mV, and having for about 70% - 90% a molar ratio Si/Al ranging between 1:1 and 1:4

 Prof. Dr. Rudolf Taschner

Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computing Technical University of Vienna, Austria Vienna, 16th of February 2015 made a 'Calculation of the “effective” surface for the purpose of ion exchange of the active substance produced by the Panaceo Company'

This result shows that, with a total depth of penetration into the pores of the active substance , one gram has an effective surface area of about four thousand square metres.