Medical Devices

PMA-Zeolite protects the body from unwanted substances

Through its proven pollutant binding effect in the gastrointestinal tract, PMA-Zeolite can contribute to the maintenance or acquisition of vitality, health, and well-being.

“The main intended action of PMA-Zeolite is to reduce the additional daily stress by reducing direct exposure to contaminants, thereby eliminating the possible causes of increased intestinal wall permeability. Through the main intended mechanism of binding contaminants, PMA-Zeolite can support the gastrointestinal tract and theorgans detoxification, especially the liver*”.

* Extract from the evaluation report of the certifying body                                             download the summary of research






Evidence-based proof of the intended main effect:

One hypothesis based on the main mechanism of action (selective binding of pollutants in vitro gastrointestinal model) is the strengthening of the functionality of the intestinal wall barrier. 

This promising hypothesis was proven in a randomised placebo-controlled clinical gold standard study in which a significant decrease in the bio-marker zonulin (and thus an improvement/strengthening of intestinal wall function/integrity) was achieved. This represents the main intended action of PMA-Zeolite.